cars cars 1967 AMPHICAR front 1/8 scale full function, signal lights, head lights, brake lights, horn, roof up/down 21878438 1967 AMPHICAR rear Handles like the full size on land and in the water. 3rd place in Toledo 2006 21878439 1967 AMPHICAR Open. Drive battey goes in trunk. 3 motors, 1 for wheels, 2 for props 62055772 1967 AMPHICAR Under the hood. 8 ch receiver, radio battery, steering servo lighting and roof control servos, flasher unit an dvoltage regulater 62055769 1967 AMPHICAR Bottom of the hood, twin horns and plug for horns and running light. 62055770 1967 AMPHICAR Looking at the dash board 62055773 1967 AMPHICAR Carry case with history 62055767 FAST ELECTRIC Sratch built chassis, front end, drive system. Has clocked over 200 mph on a dyno, Motor is a 12 pole neodym rated at 28,000 rpm @ 24 volts 21878440 FAST ELECTRIC a Home made chassis and drive 21878441 "27 T" Fun car with lights, horn, engine sound, and line lock. 21878442 THE RACK Robbe mercades in silver ( only 10 made), VW, Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 959, and a kyosho lambo 5000 all have lights, horns,signal lights. and more 21878443 JET TRUCK Twin electric motors for an axel, lights, smoke, horn, jet sound, sitting on the rear tire of the "SHOCK WAVE". 1st place in Orlando, Fl. 1994 21878444