THE CREW THE CREW LOST LOVES Our babies that have left us 33215290 53030147 LUCKY AT 8 DAYS OLD ONE OF THE NEWEST. BORN APRIL 28, 2008 27355628 LUCKY At about 3 weeks 27355607 LUCKY LUCKY LOOKING OUT OF THE BOX AT 4 WEEKS 27355608 LUCKY AT 14 WEEKS Watching TV with Mom. But most definitely daddy's boy. Likes NASCAR racing 27355610 LITTLE BEAR Lost on April 16, 2009 A SPECIAL NEEDS KITTY ONE OF THE NEWEST. She came in to our lives on April 28, 2008 27355644 BOOTS Tiny girl (at 4) semi feral 27355665 BOOTS 4 year old female. Doughter of SWEETY 2nd litter. 27355666 BOOTS Boots can be a lover when she whats. 27355647 SWEETY & BOOTS Mother and Daughter 27355667 SWEETY About 7 year old mother to MITS, PEAK, & BOOTS (FERAL) just a sweey face and will eye talk all day, as long as you stay at lest 5 ft away. 27355648 MIT Why the flashy thing 27355669 MITS It's going to be hard to redecorate 27355670 PEAK 6 year old son of SWEETY 1st litter Mit's brother and my wifes boy 27355671 Len/Peak Lenny and Peak on the tree 27355672 LENNY ON THE CAT COUCH our deaf boy 27355673 LENNY 2 year old male, all white short hair. The frig alarm and night time lover. almost completly deaf. 27355674 LENNY deaf, but with attatude 27355675 BAILEY 11 year old Munchin Nick name the GRUMPY OLD MAN 27355676 BAILEY BAILEY SHOWS HIS LITTLE LEGS ON THE COUCH 27355677 BAILEY Short legs, fast connering 27355678 BAILEY love the face about 11 years old 27355679 CHESSIE 10 year old MAIN COON and still a kitten 27355681 CHESSIE Main Coon, Moms not so secret lover 27355682 CHESSIE SInks rule 27355650 E.T. She passed on Sept. 19, 2008. But will live in our harts forever. 27355683 E.T. I'm sorry to say that she is at the rainbow bridge. She was a love bug about 10 years old. But will hiss and growl at any thing. Nick name the DEVIA 27355684 BART & ET CHILLING ON THE COUCH 27355685 BART (BEAR) Big boy, Main Coon 26 lbs. The most gentel of all 27355686 BART (BEAR) Realy a big teddy bear, about 8 years old 27355687 BART Cillin on da chair 27355688 BART Just a layed back boy at 26 lb. 27355689 BART Take my ball and die 27355649 LENNY & ET It's nice too share 27355690 ROZ (ROSCOE) Roscoe 09/12/08 27355651 ROZ (ROSCOE) Found Sept 10, 2008 in Roscoe, N.Y.while we were at the NEAT show. 27355691 ROZ (ROSCOE) Dinner with Roscoe on the motel bed Thur.09/11/08 The found night. 27355692 ROZ (ROSCOE) Roscoe 09/12/08 27355652 LUCY & ROZ Nap time 12/08 27355693 DEMETRI OUR TRI-POD DADDYS BOY 53030141 DEMETRI Born in March, at 6 months old Demetri was hit by a car and his left rear leg was shatered. The leg was removed and he is healing well. 27355653 DEMETRI One of DEMETRI's favorite toys is a pink soda straw. He can run on three lags as fast as the others with four. 27355654 DEMETRI One of the few times that he is napping. 27355655 PRECIOUS ( Pretty Girl) Loves to lay on your chest, goes into a low purr and falls asleep. will growl when moved 27355695 PRECIOUS ( Pretty Girl) She was to be a foster, but we fell in love again. 27355656 PENNY (PENELOPE) Arrival in Penn. 01/12/09 27355696 PENNY (PENELOPE) Arrival in Penn. 01/12/09 THE CLOSE UP 27355657 ROSCOE Mommy’s terror 53030135 PENNY (Penelope) Her now favorite spot, between the pillows on the bed. 27355658 Bailey Mom's Munchkin 53030136 BOOTS In house semi-feral, dads girl some times 53030138 EGYPT Picked dad at the shelter 53030139 MISSIE Mom's baby when we got together 53030140 DOBE Almost completely blind, mom's girl 53030142 GINGER A 78 lb love bug that thought she was a cat. 53030144 LITTLE BEAR (LB) a CH baby that nursed Lucky 53030145 LENNY Parcialy deaf 53030146 MITTENS (MITS) Dads boy all the way 53030148 PATCHES The one that started it for dad. 53030149 PATCHES My green eyed baby. 53030150 PEAK Mits brother, moma's boy 53030151 PENNY Dads California girl. 53030152 PRECIOUS Dads deaf lover 53030153 PRINCESS The house mom. Your bad you answer to her. 53030154 LILY A very sweet RagDoll 58870897 LILY Dads snuggle bug 58870898 Chatchie Due to her family passing she has come to us as a 3-4 year old 19 lb. Main coon on Dec21, 2010 110679444 CHATCHIE A big beatuiful girl 111453543 CHATCHIE Mid scratch 111453544 THE CREW ALL 21 OUR AND FOSTERS 02/13 121489255 10/14 crew lovers and ferals 196366439