slotcars slotcars THE RACERS Set-up/break in box, tunable controller<BR>Super Stock (SS)50+MPH, Restricted Open(RO)65+MPH, Funny car 776+ MPH, Twin engine concourse car. 27954180 MODERN FUNNY CAR Built by Bob (Wizard) Lincoln for me.<BR>I loss in the Nationals at 76.2 mph, I red lighted 27954181 TWIN DRAG Concourse winning twin engine slig-shot dragster. Based on a f1 T-Jet motor. Dummy engines are fully wired. 27954182 MODIFIED CARS From T-Jets to Tyco includes phase 2&3 T-Jets 27954154 VIBRATORS My favorite vibrator cars made by Aurora about 1958 27954183 T-JETS 1 The Auroa's follow up to the vibrator. Much faster pan cake motor 27954155 T-JETS Another shot of the T-Jets 27954156 PATRIOT Wizards Patriot From the frist - to othe Storm. Extremly fast out of ther package. The ONLY Americam made car. 27954184 LIFE-LIKE A few of the Life-like 27954157 G-PLUS G-PLUS 27954185 ODD Dynam - angle winder set up wit full brass chassis. 27954186 DAYTONA Daytona 50 th aniversery collection. 3 car set gold,met. blue, and the 27954187 TRUCKS Vibrator,T-Jet, Faller, AFX, Tyco 27954158 SPARE BODIES Just a few including Lean I have well over 200 27954159 TYCO/AFX Tyco and AFX fun cars 27954160 FUN COLLECTABLES INCLUDES "Petties" #43 27954188 27954161 HYPER 1 of 5 tracks. The high speed track we had in our store CGR Hobbies. We also had a very tight road corse and 2 portable track Cobra (7 ft) and Sidewinder (14ft). 122796044 DYNO 1 of the 5 tracks we had in the store and everyones favorite. This is the one we ran the WIZARD SERIS on at CGR Hobbies 122796045