consruction consruction HD-4 Bell's hydrofoil 25876939 PBY working on 3 73', 55", 30" wing span 25876940 ALLIGATOR Pre-dates the Hunley, with more advanced features 25876942 APOLLO Crew boat 2 under construction 25876943 LOTUS The James Bond Lotus that becomes a sub 25876944 DEEP FLIGHT 1 1 man sub 25876952 USS ESSEX Civil war iron clade 25876967 NO 21 G. Whitheads aero plane predates the Wrights 25876968 USS NEW JERSEY 1:144 scale full fuction of the 1987 version. 25876969 EVANS The frist self powered ampib. 25876970 PLANET SOLAR Designed to go around the world non-stop on solar power 25876953 PLANET SOLAR 1 Model well under way. 2 solar panels provide 6+ volts at 480 ma. 25876954 PLANETSOLAR 2 Solar powered for a non-stop run around the world. The new version. 25876955 DECAVITATOR The fastest man power boat 25876956 DECAVITATOR hull Mold for the hulls. Both hulls are now complete. 25876957 DECAVITATOR chassis Main chassis welded aluminum. Drive motor for 30 in. propeller fits in upper tube. small geared motor for chain drive fits in the front of the same tube 25876972 NEUPORT 11 Modified Proctor kit. 61.25 in wing span. Electric powered 25876959 CALYPSO Billing Calypso will be fully animated, including the sub. 30142440 CALYPSO ANCHORE The anchor winch sits on rails in the bow. It is cluched to prevent breaking the chain. 30142184 CALYPSO DRIVES The twin 385 motors running throuogh 3.8 :1 planataru gear heads, push 42 mm 4 blad props. 30142185 CALYPSO SOUND The speaker for the RAM sound unit is mounted under the front deck. One screw holds it in place. 30142186 CALYPSO SMOKE The Aristo train smoke unit mounted under the smoke stack has be modified with a flaper valve to control the amount of smoke determined by teh speed. 30142188 CALYPSO STERN A tite sqeeze in the stern for the steering servo (center) the cran rotation servo ( bottom) and the cran winch with clutch (top) 30142189 CALYPSO MINI SUB I plan on makinh the mini sub operational. Using water jets , the same as the full size 35703544 CALYPSO HELI PAD I have seen one CALYPSO the the heli came off the deck, but youo could seem the mech. under the pad. on mine the heli will fluy 3.5 inches and it is all contained in the pad. 35703545 CALYPSO HELI-DRIVE I am not happy with just the main rotor spinning, the tail will and the running lits will be on. 35703546 CALYPSO MAIN CABIN and TOP From the bottom with the smoke unit, interior walls, switches, smoke servo and LED's installed 37128725 CALYPSO MAIN CABIN and TOP From the bottom LED's lit ( 16 ) 37128724 HELI PAD The yellow wheels are from a race HO car (Wizzard High Performance) 1 mounted on the servo and the 2nd spring loaded as a pinch roller. 37339701 HELI PAD The heli mast is made from a small antenna the sections were shortened too 1.250 inchs. The wires power the heli motors and push the mast up. 37339702 CALYPSO WIRRING The full wiring of the Calypso including the charge circuit for the mini sub. 53959930 CALYPSO PILOT HOUSE Looking from the front. Shows rear cabinet with hatch to map room. 38100928 MAST FRONT X-mas tree with 6 LEDs 3 red and 3 bi color (white/ green) all wired with 49 gauge wire. 41618470 MAST CONTROL Servo mounted rotary switch to control light tree on mast. 4 light patterns 42486630 CALYPSO HELI Mounted on the heli pad mast. Interer is in, drive is in. Tail and main rotor is ready to go on. Then the other half of the canopy. 50527901 73520652 SMITT HOUSTON Replacment stern tubes for a 14 inch Smitt Houston tug 49666084 SMITT HOUSTON Kort nozzels, with kits 4 blade props and rudders. 49666083 SMITT HOUSTON Motors, drive4 line, speed control and rudder system installed. 49666082 PUSH TUG 25 FT PUSH TUG, TWIN ENGINE 89075148 PUSH TUG (PTUG) 1/12 SCALE 25FT PUSH TUG, twin 975 motors, 6 rudders, engine sound, lights, 89075147 PTUG cabin & pilot house Cabin & pilot house made of Styren plastic 89598631 PTUG cabin A Lower cabin with hatch open 89598634 PTUG cabin B Inside of lower cabin 89598635 PTUG Inside of hull, All 1/8 lite-ply. 89599718 PTUG Hull outside 1/8 lit-ply 89599717 PTUG deck Deck openning 89598632 PTUG cabin & pilot house Cabin & pilot house on hull 89598633 PTUG LAYOUT Componant lay out showing 2 rudder servos, 2 speed controls, 4 acc. servos 89598636 PTUG MOTOR 975, 5 POLE 24500 @18 VOLTS Will run at 6v giving about 8166 rpm driving 60mm five blade prop 89598639 PTUG RUDDERS 2 rear and 4 flanking (forward) rudders controled by 2 servos 1 on the rear and 1 on the flanking. 97269235 PTUG pilot house Pilot hoouse with the newest style rudder and throttle control. Left lever controls thehflanking rudders, right controls the rear rudders. Twist grip on both levers for port and starboard engines. 97269236