BOATS BOATS FITCH This was the concept boat that proved to the Continental Congress that steam power was viable in 1787. Demonstrated on the Delaware river by John Fitch 31103940 FITCH 1/12 scale brick boiler, with simulated fire and smoke 31103941 FITCH A 3 in. piston powered all 12 ores 31103943 HOOVER CRAFT Fly's on a cushion of air 31103904 GOOSE Just for fun, head turns and will swart water from bill. 31103903 PILAR II All wood planked hull 31103909 ANTIJ Euro style fishing boat, very maneuverable. Robbe kit ABS hull 31103907 AMERICAN ENTERPRISE Dumas kit twin motors 31103913 CGR TUG Modified Robbe kit. Feattures: running lights, deck lights, sport lights, horn, engine sound, rotate fire monitor, and will pump 75 glh. Vrey powerful and manuverable. 31103926 AMERICAN SCOUT Sterling kit, the first large boat I built 1956. this is #2 31103919 LUMBA LUMBA Sterling kit of the Lumba Lumba crew boat. 31103953 DIXIE QUEEN Scratch built 1:87 scale Mississippi side wheeler. Includes calliope, horn, lights, smoke, and differential steering 31103929 THE MINI'S Miami vice Scarab, U537, monster van 31103906 NS Savannah plastic model converted to R/C 18 in. 31103956 LOBSTER BOAT 16 in scratch built with fiber glass hull 31103952 HARBOR PILOT 12in pilot boat 31103958 SPORT FISHERMAN 12 in. fun sport fisherman 31103914 SHIP BOAT 14in Linberg kit with running lights and sea gull sounds. 31103961 PT BOAT Scratch with a 14 in. fiber glass hull, 3 motors 31103932 JOHN ALDEN Built as a review for Hobby Merchandiser Magazine. Midwest kit modified for r/c 31103912 COAST GUARD 15 in Dumas kit twin motors, very fast 31103924 COAST GUARD full size full size are very fast and maneuverable 31103925 DIXIE & DIXIE 2 - 40 in great runnig models 31103930 CABIN CRUISER Sterling kit purchased 1952 finished 1955 The first radio control model I built. Still running using a F&M Electronics single channel radio and a Boat-a-matic actuator 31103916 BRENDA Italian 50 runabout. 40 in long with a planked hull. 31103923 1942 SEA MAID Scratch built 1942 Century Sea Maid. 1/8 Scale model of the WAVE JUMPER on Lake Hopatcong, N.J. 31103915 1942 SEA MAID 90 hp Gray Marine dummy engine 31103917 1956 SEA MIAD Sterling kit about 1/6 scale 31103918 AMPHHICAR 1:8 scale model of the 1967 Amphicar. Handles better then the full siz;e in the water, about the same on land Features include: head& tail lights, turn signals, horn and roof up/ down 31103920 DUSSELDORF 3 were built This Robbe kit has been modified into the #1 boat with a bow thruster, it also includes rotating & elevating the front fire monitor separate from the 2 in the center, anchor up/down, Martin horn, kojak siren, 3 tone horn, engine sound, rotate crane, crane hook up/down, tow release, running lights, flashing E lights, will pump 375 gph through the 3 fire monitors and 10 deck sprays. The dingy is operated from a separate radio 31103931 EMMA C. BERRY Sterling kit 31103934 EXQUISITE DREAMS & KOH-I-NOOR 2 great sail boats 31103960 EXQUISITE DREAMS Highly modified Robbe Atlantis. Best of show at WRAM in Whiteplains, N.Y. 31103935 KOH-I-NOOR The little brother of the Atlantis. 31103951 ELEC-TRICK Built to run in the NAVIGA F1+1 class. Custom hull, steerable sub surface drive, custom 12 pole neodym magnet motor put out 4.06 HP at 28,000 RPM. Very fast 31103933 THE VERY FAST ONES Claud Coutant liked fast boats. The RED & BLUE with twin Kroker Sea Wasps will still run well over 40 mph Designed to run on WET nicads. The STAR boat with a Kroker Sea Ram was one of the 1st boats to run on NICADS and will top 60 MPH. 134510647 DIXIE II Scratch built 1:12 scale model of the 1904 boat that still holds the record for round hulled boats. 31103902 DIXIE II ENGINE Dummy Clinton Cran 8 cyl. engine. 31513000 M 11 AMERICAN DREAM The frist fully closed cockpit off shoire racer. 31103905 FORMULA 1 Robbe Formula 1 kit with it's 200 HP Merc outboard. 31103939 DOUBLE-CAT 1:12 scale model of the 1984 winner of the Great Delaware River Raft Race. 31103959 GANCIA de GANCIA Horizon Hobbies R/D project using twin Robbe surface drives. Decals are for the fuel version that was never produced. will hit 45+ mph on 12 cells 31103945 JET SKI Robbe kit 31103948 MISS MADISON 1:14 sale 3 point hydro plane 40+ mph on 7 cells 31103954 U4 6 in hydro just for fun 31103955 U! SUCH CRUST 1:12 scale 1949 hydroplane. will run at 50+ on 7 cells 31103965 SUPER JUICE Designed by me placed 3rd in the Canadian Nationals right out of the box. I produced this boat for 9 years. Kit included drive system and motor. 31103966 SARABB Robbe kit twin black magic motors, very, very fast. 37385421 AIR BOAT 16 X 9 inch, 2408-21 motor with a 8x4 Master airscrew prop on 3 cells very fast. 121488142 BIG SWAMP BUGGY Dumas kit, converted to eletric using a KD36 brushless motor on 3 - 2500 LIPO cells. quick, very fast on ice. 37384713 Z-CAT air boat small model copany production. Made for a 40 size fuel engine. Mine is powered by 2 550 brushed motors pushing a 11x8 prop on 14.4 volts. 31103901 47 MODELS THis is what happens when you clean out your trailer. 31103947 USS STEVENS Modified Linberg blue devil kit. Includes horn, running ligts, spot ligts, rotate 5 in guns, rotate catapult. 31103927 PUSH TUG 1/12 scale twin engine,twin throttle, working deck lighhts (4) 2 roof spots that can be rotated, engine sound, horn, working wind shield wiper, exhaust smoke, running and innterer light. Steering is done with 6 rudders, 2 rear and 4 flanking (forword). It will even shot a tow line 5 feet. 112965847 PUSH TUG Twin 900 pushing 65mm 5 blade props gives lots of power in a 25 inch boat 112965848 Mini Springer 4 1/2 in long with a 2 inch beam. Semi scale model of the 1/12 scale push tug. Uses 4 channels with room for more. 112965850 DECAVITATOR 1/4 scale model of the fastest mn powered boat. That prop is 33 in in dia. 122795693 LIL PROCAX Flat bottom tug. 2 in scale. Full size is only 9 ft long, model is 18 inch. Has lights and horn 125649903 RIVER TRAIN TUG Competition springer hull. 550 motor running on 7.2 volts 130170946 RIVER TRAIN TUG cabin SD-45 train nose and cabin. 4 head lights,running lights, interior light, smoke, engine sound, horn and the vent fan runs. 130170947 STEAM RIVER The steam version of RIVER TRAIN. It has 3 flashing LEDs in the stack and the front of the boiler swings open to blow lighted bubbles. 143932072 RIVER TRAIN 5 modified ARISTO-CRAFT heavy weight passenger cars on floats fully lighted. Total length with tug is 15.3 ft 148324389 COBRA Sterling Models Crist Craft Cobra kit all plastic powered with a 20mm brushless on 2 cells. 149528931 ECO ECO SPEED by Gruapner ECO STAR by Robbe Designed for the ECO 7 cell class. 151062410 REAHL 1940'S Bakelite HYDRO PLANE normally powered with a 1 hp. gas engine. This one has a 1.5hp. brushless motor running on 11.6 volts. 196366469