FOSTERS & TRANSPORTS FOSTERS & TRANSPORTS DOBE FOSTER, perminate, about 3-4, very loving, loves to cuddle. Almost completly blind 40157158 BOOTSI ( EGYPT) FOSTER perminate- very loving likes to give head bumps, kisses, and cuddles 40157360 OLIVE Foster -A sweety little lady from a feral colony in Plianfield, N.J. Loves to talk with her eyes. Loves other cats, has become our greeter. 58873255 BOO BOO Foster 01-12-10 Very sweet but shy at first, will head but you too death 67809974 KOI TRANPORT N.J TO M.D 40157367 TILLMAN TRANSPORT - N.J. TO DEL. 40157376 PEARL TRANSPORT - N.J. TO MASS. 40157368 CHUCK TRANSPORT - N.J. TO MASS. 40157369 CHERRY 10-11-09 NJ-MA ex grand champion Persian FOSTERED FOR 1 1/2 WEEKS 55749152 MORTON TRANSPORT - N.J. TO CT. 40157375 LITTER 1 10-11-09 NJ-MA Litter 1: Calico/tabby female . Orange/white male, Calico female, Orange male, Orange male 55749154 LITTER 2 10-11-09 NJ-MA Litter 2: Orange/white female, Orange female, Orange male, Orange male , Tortoiseshell female, Black male 55749155 LITTER 3 10-11-09 NJ-MA Litter 3: Black/white female, Gray/white female, Tabby/white female, Tabby white male, Tabby white male 55749153 LITTER 4 10-11-09 NJ-MA. Litter 4: Tortoiseshell female, Orange/white male, Orange/white male, Orange/white male AND one red and white adult female momcat 55749157 LITTER 5 10-11-09 NJ-MA Litter 5: Black/white male, Black/white male, White with gray spot female, Black/white male, Black/white female 55749156 KITTY TRANSPORT - N.J. TO MASS. 40157371 MUFFIN TRANSPORT - N.J. TO MASS. 40157373 OLIVIA TRANSPORT - N.J. TO MASS. 40157374 BERT & ERNIE Transport 11-18-09 Comming from Mass. going to MD. pick up White Plains, N.Y. dropped off exit 1 N.J. turnpike to new Mom & Dad. 56165411 TRANSPORT 12-05-09 Big Siamese, and a lover 62055186 TRANSPORT 12-05-09 A gorgeous young Ragdoll, very vocal and loved too be held. 62055187 TRANSPORT 12-05-09 The young Ragdoll, being cammera shy. 62055189 TRANSPORT 12-05-09 Persian that likes to be loved 62055188 LUCY LOO 12/19/09 came from Penn. and when to a very nice forever home in Ct. 4 months old and a real sweety. 63186861 01-29-10 transport, NJ-MA Dro is a lover and very quiet, Nilla loves to be loved-purr like crazy-nosey, Pud is a lover, Pixie is a love but hqaes other cats, Lila likes to be scratched but will bite 67809973 OLIVIA Foster, 01-12-10, 5-6 years, loves to cuddle. 75189047 04-18-2010 transport 9 carriers, 11 cats, including 3 kittens (top right) 79081843 05-02-10 Very preety, NOAH 81885548 05-02-10 Sweet girl, NOAH 81885549 05-02-10 Sweet boy, NOAH 81885550 MINI A 10 year old declaw from PA. went to CT 05-15-2010 82845228 05_31_2010 New Jersey to Mass. a pair of 7 week old very sweet Main coons 84983814 05_31_2010 New Jersey to Mass. a pair of 7 week old Main coons. One with the bib is more out going. 84983815 TRANSPORT 06 13 2010 From Ky, Ga, and Md. from N.J. to Mass. NOAH 87026028 INFERNO Inferno is a very sweet , blind kitty. Went fron Blackwater shelter to a very nice home in Pa. 12-17-11 145194067 ALEXANDER Transported to Newark Del. on 04/02 stayed a week, delivered to upstate Ny on 04/07. A very sweet boy. 153470036