CUSTOMERS MODELS CUSTOMERS MODELS CAT-A-TUDE JSG Design kit built for the TABBY'S PLACE auction. Oct. 2011. Complete with radio battery, charger, and carry/ storage box. 135782892 CHRIS-CRAFT 60 INCH WITH A 17 INCH BEAM, built in England. Rework drive system, clean up electronics add features Owner: Ash 44707160 CHRIS-CRAFT Transporter / launcher handle folds overto lock model in. Owner: Ash 47154189 CHRIS-CRAFT On the water, Radio functions are now - steering throttle, air horn, running lights, open/lose engine hatchs. Owner: Ash 47154190 CHRIS-CRAFT Uncluter engine bay Owner: Ash 44707161 FERRARI HYDRO 38 INCH DISPLAY MODEL converted to R/C Owner: Ash 49666562 FERRARI HYDRO Motor intstalled, water tight compartment and battery lay out. 42 x 62 mm brushless motor / 70 amp speed control Owner: Ash 49666563 FA PRATT 48 INCH TUG, added mast lights. cabin lights, twin radar units Owner: Frank 44707162 FA PRATT rear view Owner: Frank 44707163 FA PRATT Mast after customer damage, rebulit of brass Owner: Frank 44707164 36 INCH TUG Complete electronics, with lighting and sound Owner: Frank 44707165 36 INCH TUG 3.8:1 planitary drive with a 600 size motor, RAM steam engine sound, RAM steam horn, full lighting Owner: Frank 44707166 BARGE Port side Owner: Frank 58873480 BARGE Bow with lights on. Owner: Frank 58873481 POND YATCH 1935 pond sail boat redesigned sail control OWNER: Frank 148321557 SAIL CONTROL My sail control for a 1935 pond sail boat OWNER: Frank 148320774 CORVETTE stern Sterling Corvette, cleaned and touched up Owner: Frank 83146746 CORVETTE bow Sterling Corvette, cleaned and touched up Owner: Frank 83146747 CORVETTE, drive Twin speed 800 motors on 6 volts, 2 6 volt 4 ah gell cells. Owner: Frank 83146749 60 inch PT BOAT I had to move the drives forward and make battery boxs for the 2 12 volt 7 amp gell cells. Owner: Gerry 74322032 LOBSTER NOAT Jerry's lobster boat, replace motor, clean up wiring, set battery rails. Owner: Gerry 74320966 LUMBA LUMBA Complete rework and install. New motor, reset drive shaft, lights, sound. refinnish. Owner: Gerry 76070157 TUG HERCULES Control layout in hull. Owner: Gerry 79080337 SEABREEZE Rework radio system, install battery retainer. Owner: Gerry 76070159 TUG HERCULES Layout with batteries. 1-6 volt, 4 ah gel cell for the motor and radio, 2-7.2 volt 1800 mah nicads for lights, sound, and smoke. Owner: Gerry 79080339 TUG HERCULES with lights on. including the 16 deck lights. Owner: Gerry 79080341 BRANNAREN TANKER Coldercraft model, added motor, sterring, running lights, horn, smoke, and 5 spot lights. Owner: Gerry 83872621 BRANNAREN TANKER A total of 7 LEDS and 5 lamps, powered by 2 - 7.2 -6 cell packs (14.4 volts) for lights, horn and smoke. ! 6 volt 4 ah gell cell for motor and radio. Owner: Gerry 83872622 SIR KAY Model was built as a display. complete out fit. Owner: Gerry 84984219 SIR KAY over all, bow, Sounder, can be lowered and raised. Owner: Gerry 84984215 GATO SUB Revell 1/72 model converted to running model with Merriman WTC. Owner: Gerry 111455370 GATO SUB Modified drive system for Gato. Owner: Gerry 111455371 MINE SWEEPER Modified Lindberg minesweeper, static model Delivered 12/20/09 Owner: Mark 62077462 MINE SWEEPER Modified Lindberg minesweeper, static model Delivered 12/20/09 Owner: Mark 62077463 63 ft yatch Sterling 63 ft for refurbash, power 1 800 motor. Owner: Rich 111455372 CORVETTE #1 for refurbash and rebuild power twin 900's. Owner: Rich 111455374 CORVETTE #2 for refurbash and rebuild power twin 900's. Owner: Rich 111455373 PT 50 2 Pt 50 kits. 1 running and 1 display . Owner: Rich 111455376 PT 50 Torn down to refurbash power twin 555 motor Owner: Rich 111455375 XB-70 & STUCKA XB-70 has a modified ducked fan and retracts. Stucka is very well detailed incuding lighting. Owner: Bill 132105911 EPP EAGLES 2 electric EPP aircraft that look like eagles. Owner: Bill 127123526 F3 HORNET & ME163 F3 Hornet with wings that sweep and a ME163 that flys at about 150 MPH. both electric. Owner: Bill 130171871 SR-71 & F-18 Both are twin 70mm ducked fan. with retracts. Owner: Bill 145194231 BILL'S MIRCOS Owner: Bill 151347433