This is my crew that would like to help build (de-build) and inspect all of my work. Go to the photo gallery see the my CREW and in lost loves are the kids we have loved and lost over the years. Missy was my wife’s cat when we meet. 2 years later Patches and Ginger came to join us, this 6-pound cat and 78 pound dog become sisters. Patches made sure that I liked cats and after I went on a business trip for over a month was so up set that her diabetes kicked in for the next 16 years. Chessie was born in a shed in N.J., Sweety gave us two litters before we got her in. From the first came Mits & Peak and Boots form the second. Shadow was an American curl ear walk-in stray. Chocolate, Morris, Tiger, and Brutus were a Princess litter, all born with feline leukemia. Bailey and Lenny came from a high kill shelter in N.J. ET and Bart were a rescue from CT. LB and Lucky were a recovery from Pemberton , N.J. Roscoe (Roz) was found in Roscoe, N.Y. and Dimetri a recovery from C.T. Precious was supposed to be a foster and loves to cuddle on our laps. Penny came from a high kill shelter in California. She likes to stay on the bed and cuddles at night.

Now the crew is:

Bailey 12-year-old (born 1997) MUNCHKIN 3 in legs full size body. Corners like a sports car. Shelter rescue, nick named GRUMPY OLD MAN, will growl at everyone. Momma’s boy

Chessie (CHESS) 11-year-old (born 1998) MAIN COON Cat, the big lovable ball of fur. a momma’s boy. Loves GTP race cars

Princess 10 year-old (born 1999) walk in stray, the house mom, if you are out of line you answer to her, Momma’s girl

Sweety 9-year-old (born 2000) Feral (straight from the back yard)

Mittens (MITS) 7-year-old (born 2002) son of SWEETY (1st litter) laid back, likes everyone, My boy, makes sure that I go to bed on time.

Peak 7-year-old (born 2002) son of SWEETY (1st litter) momma’s boy, likes to be called Peak Peak

Boots (BOO) 6-year-old (born 2003) daughter of SWEETY (2nd litter) semi-feral

Lenny 4-year-old (born 2005) shelter rescue, our semi-deaf baby

Lucky (born 04/28/08) My boy, he makes sure that I know my way around the house. This guy loves           NASCAR racing what’s to love everyone.

Dimetri ( born the end of March 2008) hit by car at 6 months and lost leg. My boy. Very loud purr

Roscoe (ROZ) 1-year-old, Found at about 7-8 weeks old in Roscoe, N.Y. while we where at The NEAT airplane show Sept. 18, 2008. Momma’s girl

Penelope (PENNY) 1 year old (born Jan. 2008), California girl, came too us Jan. 12, 2009. The bed monitor, loud purr #2 My girl. Also known as our couch potato, loves TV does not care what’s on. and loves Bart


Our fosters: May be perminate

EGYPT (AKA Bootsie) (born about 2007) Picked me at the shelter Camden N.J. My boy. Very loud purr

TIMMY  Our big boy at 19 pounds a sweety, ma mas boy loved to drink from the sink

DOBE (born about 2008) shelter Camden N.J. Almost totally Blind. Moma’s girl, will follow my wife all over the house

Olive  (born about 2007) Very sweet came from a feral colony in Plainfield, N.J.

Olivia   A sweety came from shelter in Bergan, N.J. A real snuggle bug

Boo Boo   Very sweet came from same shelter as Olivia, she will head but you to death

MA MA a bit over wieght but we are working on  it. loves men.

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