I started racing HO (1/87) slot cars in the late 50's. Aurora produced a car with a vibrating reed motor. I raced these cars at a toy shop in the Garden State Plaza shopping center. I started collecting them at this time. the collection includes Aurora, Mattel, Tyco, AFX, Faller, Life-Like, Dynamo, Atlas, and several off the wall brands. About 1990 I got back to racing and fell in with a great crowd. We were using Tyco and Life-Like cars with a little tweaking and a Lexan bodies these cars could run at almost 50 MPH, package car is good for about 25. I have seen RO class cars run at over 65 MPH and unlimited well over 110. After a couple of years Wizard came out with their Patriot, the only American made car. These are extremely fast and now we are up too the Storm. I have pictured a few of my collection. I have now given up racing but still collect. This was due manly to loosing a drag race at the Nationals at 76.2 MPH and relising that my reflexes had slowed to much.

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