I started building models with my fathers help at the ripe old age of 2. I can still remember my father heating the end of a screw driver and melting the end of a plastic axel, so that the wheels would still turn on the car. My first job in the model field was in 1955 Working for a hobby shop in Fair Lawn N.J. and my pay was HO slot track time and model kits, not bad pay for an 6 year old. As soon as I got my drivers license I started work for Hy-way Hobbies / N.J. distributing. I worked part time there and full time at Theta Instruments as an apprentice in high precision assembly and the machine shop, where I learned to operate engine laths, turret lath, milling machine, gear cutter, and the surface grinder. Until I went into the Navy. In the Navy the first year I was stationed aboard the USS ESSEX in V-2 division (ordinance), years 2&3 were spent at NAS Bermuda running the boat hobby shop and giving sailing lessons. The 4th year in the Navy I was stationed aboard the USS John F. Kennedy. Stating in arresting gear and moving up to visual landing aids. After the Navy I worked for Theta for a year Then for the next 13 I went to Bobst Group , Registron div. Assembling and wiring and machining. During my time in the Navy I started collage. While at Bobst I finnished collage and started my first hobby business, retail and building models. I then went to Addressing Machine and Supply, one year later I was asked to join Robbe Model Sport USA. While at Robbe I also produced my own line of models The Super Juice high speed boat was the most successful. When the Robbe US office was sold I took a year and a half and designed airplanes then opened owned my own shop. I ran the shop for 7 years until I was offered a very good paying job with great benefits at Wayne Machine. There I took over as head of electrical engineering. This lasted until Lewis Polk asked me to join him. At Polks I handle the R/C end plus design work for the G gauge trains and on the industrial side I work with Gil Rose selling small motors and gear drives.

These jobs have given me the opportunity too travel around the world, China Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Taiwan, Spain, Italy, France, Monaco and all over the US.

I have been very fortunate as I have been able to do a lot of things. I have raced cars in the sportsman class, I even ran a car at Raceway Park in N.J. (drag strip) I did mange to turn the fast qualifying time in my class (U stock) that day. I had a chance to ride a bobsled, and while in Bermuda I passed my scuba diving quals. I have taken flying lessions and Driven an Off shore race boat, it's great to bounce off a wave at over 110 MPH.(I was National electric chairman for the APBA for 4 years) This has let me met some very amazing people. I have talked to Donald Trump, Burt Ratan, Mario & Micheal Andretti, and AJ Foyt.

I have been building models for almost 60 years. As near as we can figure I have built over 1200 models. This includes every thing from a 3 inch NASCAR for concourse competition. To a 24 ft power glider. I have also taken top awards at almost every model show in the country. MY frist win was at age 9. A year after I froze my hands. Just a small local hobby shop, I won with a plastic model of the USS ESSEX. Now the awards include IMS California (now the AMA show), IMS in Florida, Toledo, Chicago, and WRAM in N.Y. and many more. I am the only one to take BEST IN SHOW with a boat at the WRAM show (airplane show). I have judged at hundreds of shows and when I judge I disqualify my models. So I have never taken an award in a show I have judged. The only years I did not win at the WRAM show are years I judged. This is the same at the Thousand Island Museum.

I also DO NOT put a companies display model in a competition. This goes for Robbe, Sterling, MRC, Dumas, Hobby Dynamics, CGR International, and JSG Designs. Just a few of the companies I have done work for.

All I can say is life is good

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