We got too thinking and decided to make a list of the cars I owned over the years. Starting with my first, my mother purchased a 1956 Ford for me after a few arguments with me saying that I had already picked out a car. The Ford cost $ 150.00 and a month later I blow it up. I went and bought the car I wanted to start with, the 55 Dodge. 4 months later that died. My father said he would find me a car I couldn’t destroy. That was the 1953 Chevy, 1st day dropped the trans and burnt the clutch. With in one month after the repair 2nd gear was gone and 1st was on its way. I said thats it, I went to VW and purchased a NEW 1967 Karmen Gia. So the story continues.

 YES I KNOW I AM HARD ON CARS. But starting with the Gia I have put over 200,000 on most of the rest.

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#1 1970 OPEL GT,  #2 MIATA,  #3 1967 VW GIA, 

 #4 1966 RIVIERA, & #5 1958 METROPOLITAN

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